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Nexthys Nu Chapter

Rider University

On April 30, 2004, four womyn became members of our sorority and thereby chartering our Nexthys Nu Chapter. The following semester Rider University's Student Government Association voted to recognize Nexthys Nu Chapter as an active Greek letter organization of the University. Since our Spring 2004 intake our sisterhood has successfully added valuable and loving sisters during five subsequent semesters.

The members of the Nexthys Nu Chapter highly pride themselves in following the traditions and rituals that distinguish Lambda Tau Omega Sorority Inc. In addition, both our undergraduate and alumna strive to continue building a positive legacy for our chapter while upholding the motto, mission, goals and constitution of our organization. At Nexthys Nu, we believe in a "Quality over quantity,” recruitment philosophy. Therefore, our Nu family is small and fairly young but with the dedication of our sisters and through the unbreakable bond we gained over the years, we work diligently to make positive contributions to our beloved Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Inc., our Rider University and the local community.

The founding sisters of Nexthys Nu Chapter are Cindy De Leon, Lilian Pachardo, Alejandra Mondragon, and Rebecca Vasquez.

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